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✅ The Sunday @Telegraph backs #LizForLeader 💬 She understands the direction the country needs to move in, and wou… https://t.co/D10EJzT1u6
A low tax, high growth economy. These are the core principles of why we are @Conservatives and I’m delighted… https://t.co/mNjcqSvWmj
In public @RishiSunak claims he wants to level up the North, but here, he boasts about trying to funnel vital inves… https://t.co/iJc0zMu15x
I’m delighted our party is uniting behind @trussliz . It is vital we have true, Conservative values at the heart… https://t.co/UVNbSgd0fw
🇬🇧 @trussliz believes in true Conservative values of low tax and high growth! https://t.co/jcdsPW3ce4