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Four and a half years after the EU Referendum and @Keir_Starmer's @UKLabour still won’t accept the result. He thin… https://t.co/KytZKiWzy0
This is significant: 17.5 million people have received their first dose. Every adult vaccinated by the end of J… https://t.co/DtrF7Jyy2O
Raising and expanding capital allowances in the North would help drive investment and deliver increased productivit… https://t.co/OavHFGSw6j
@tomhfh @GuidoFawkes @GBNEWS Well done - and good luck!
With virtually no reference to the North in his speech, it is clear that Keir Starmer and Labour have still not lea… https://t.co/ptCDQjdWoI