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Many of you will have, no doubt, seen the revelations concerning the use of expenses by MPs. I know from correspondence just how angry the public is and how much damage the story has done to Parliament. As your local MP I make no excuses for the old system of expenses. The old system broke the spirit of public service. It was a disgrace!

Members of Parliament need allowances that allow us to do our jobs staffing, office, travel and accommodation basics, but no more.

I only claim what is necessary to do my job, not to top up my salary and I do not use my staffing allowance to employ any member of my family.

I believe in transparency and that it was wrong for MPs to hide them from the taxpayer. Parliament needs to be as modern as the society it represents.

I have taken the unprecedented step of publishing all my expenses here on this website. All associated receipts are available for inspection in my office. In addition I have all my expenses audited and approved by a fully independent body (The Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority www.ipsa-home.org.uk). If you have any questions or would like any further details please do not hesitate to contact me.

Kind regards

Jake Berry MP

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